LichingaDedicationThe mission of F4O is to lift communities through service to orphans and vulnerable children.

F4O is an international non-profit organization committed to lifting communities through service to orphans and vulnerable children. There are 150 million orphans in the world and every day 16,500 children die from the effects of extreme poverty and other preventable causes.

We began as a group of United Methodists. We visited Mozambique in the aftermath of their devastating civil war and encountered thousands of street children whose most basic needs were neglected. As United Methodists we felt called to dedicate our lives to serving these vulnerable children. We found that our Bible calls on Christians to care for orphans 31 times. We began to fundraise to build community based houses for children in Mozambique and beyond. At the same time, we began to advocate members of our Christian community in the US to put aside political differences and unite behind the cause of saving orphans and vulnerable children. At a time where churches are fracturing over issues like gay marriage we believe putting this call of service at the center of our agenda can ignite a fire under the church.

Today F4O is a non-denominational organization. The Christian bible calls us to care for orphans 31 times. The Hebrew scriptures likewise call on service to orphans 29 times, and the Muslim Qu’ran calls on follower to care for orphans 22 times! Our founder and executive director, Wayne Lavender, lived and taught in Iraqi Kurdistan for 2 years. During this time he opened projects to serve Muslim Kurdish orphans. After the tragic terrorist shooting in New Zealand last year we visited the mosque where the attack occurred to pray for peace together with our Muslim brothers and sisters. This past year we opened chapters of F4O at two universities and hosted an inaugural on campus fundraiser. We are finding our justice oriented college students among our most passionate supporters!

In 2020 we will build our 3rd house for children in Lichinga, Mozambique. In 2021 we will build our 4th in Monapo. Please join us with a donation, by volunteering, or by starting a chapter of F4O in your community. Together we can achieve our ultimate goal of creating a world where every child is cared for, with their Educational, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Needs met.

We all can help:

  • Pray for and help orphans and vulnerable children in your community and around the world.
  • Make a donation to F4O
  • Invite me or an F4O board member to speak in your house of worship.
  • Start a chapter at your college or university.