Building homes for children in Mozambique


The seeds of F4O were born when a group of United Methodist volunteers from the New York conference visited Mozambique in 1998. In the aftermath of a devastating civil war they encountered 100,000 street children in Maputo, a city of 1 million.

In 2002 members of the church visited an orphanage in Teles where children lived in very trying conditions, 3-4 to a mattress. These volunteers included Wayne, our current executive director, and other volunteers who would later become F4O board members. They came back to the US with a vision of creating a community based house for children in Cambine and fundraised towards this end. In 2005 we successfully completed the Carolyn Beleshe House for children!

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Our first orphanage is the Carolyn Beleshe House For Children in Cambine.  It was constructed in 2003-2005.  65 children call this home and several hundred have called it home in the past years.

Get to know some of the orphans here

Background on the Cambine Orphanage


Our second orphanage is the Mama Nocio House For Children in Dondo.  It was constructed from 2016-2018.  Today 24 children call it home with 12 more children set to arrive in the near future!

Click here for more information about Dondo!


Our 3rd orphanage is under construction in Lichinga right now.  It will be completed in 2020 and will house 48 orphans.


We will begin construction on our 4th orphanage in Monapo in 2021.  It will house 48 children!