Supporting Four Foundations for Care of Orphans:

Educational, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual


One of the great tragedies children often face when orphaned is the termination of their education. F4O is committed to continuing their education, believing it is the means to a better future. We partner with local schools and educators to ensure that educational opportunities will continue for all OVC.


Chronic neglect and isolation stress an orphan’s sense of well-being. By using local resources to build and staff the facilities, and by locating housing close to schools, places of worship, and health care, F4O integrates the children into the community. This belonging to a community greatly enhances a child’s emotional well-being.


When the parents of a child die in the underdeveloped world, the safety net of family members, social services, and other charitable sources that we take for granted are not usually available leaving these children at risk. F4O works to provide food, potable water and safe, dry and warm housing for those in need.


Humans are spiritual beings. Working across religious boundaries, F4O strives to meet the spiritual needs of orphans and vulnerable children, getting them into religious programs to ensure their spiritual development consistent with their community.