Lichinga Orphanage Update

Dear F4O Family-

December greetings. Grace and peace to you!

I am pleased to share the latest photos that arrived this morning from our ongoing project in Lichinga, Mozambique: a new Home for Children for 48 orphans currently living on the streets.

The project is moving along well and on pace for completion early in 2021.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the USA and world, your faithful support of the Foundation 4 Orphans has made this dream a reality.

Next on our list: a new Home For Children in Monapo, Mozambique, another community ravaged by extreme poverty with hundreds of orphans. Like our new Home For Children in Lichinga, and all of our Homes For Children, the site in Monapo (a 5-acre plot of land obtained for free from the government) is near the United Methodist Church, schools and the town hospital, with plenty of room for crops. Fundraising for this project will be our primary goal in 2021.

In peace-


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